Warranty Terms & Conditions

All Refurbished Computers are covered for 12months under our limited standard warranty. Optional advanced services and warranties are available and vary by product family and device type. Please contact us for more information.

In the event that any terms of this Warranty Policy conflict with local laws, local laws shall prevail.

Preprint Technologies Limited Warranty and Repair Policy

This Limited Warranty applies ONLY to our Refurbished Devices, which include the hardware components provided by Preprint Technologies Limited.

This Limited Warranty DOES NOT include any peripherals, software applications or programs, and reinstallation of any programs or applications will be on-charged.

All are provided “AS IS” without our 12 Month warranty. However, our manufacturers and suppliers, or publishers may provide their own warranties directly.

Preprint Technologies Limited is NOT responsible for any interoperability or compatibility issues that may arise when (1) products, software, or options not supported by us are used; (2) configurations not supported by us are used; (3) parts intended for one system are installed in another system of different make or model.

This Limited Warranty is NOT transferable and applies ONLY to direct customers who purchase product from Preprint Technologies Limited.

Customer shall take full responsibility for files and data transferred, and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on our products. Preprint Technologies Limited will not be responsible for any data loss as a result of using or accessing our products.

Hardware Limited Warranty

1.1 Regular Warranty

Preprint Technologies Limited warrants to the direct customer that Preprint Technologies Limited hardware products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after purchase, excluding non-Preprint Technologies Limited product and software delivered with or as part of the Preprint Technologies Limited product.

SSD (solid state drive) products have a warranty that expires at the earlier of (i) the time period specified at purchase, or (ii) when the use of the SSD exceeds the maximum TBW (Total Bytes Written) or endurance limit.

Preprint Technologies Limited warrants the replacement or repaired parts, to be free from defects in material or workmanship for thirty (30) days or, for the remainder of the limited warranty period of the product they are replacing or in which they are installed, whichever is longer.

1.2 Out of Warranty

Preprint Technologies Limited will repair or replace the defective parts/items; provided, however, that any such repair or replacement is contingent upon the availability of the required components. The customer shall pay the two-way shipping, packing, insurance, repair/replacement service fees and other costs, including necessary labour and parts.

Customer shall ship defective products freight prepaid to Preprint Technologies Limited. Preprint Technologies Limited shall ship repaired products freight collect to the customer. If the customer has a pending delivery, the repaired products shall be shipped together with the customer’s order. Otherwise, it will be shipped separately.

All out-of-warranty products returned for repaired or replacement services, the repaired or replacement parts shall be warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for thirty (30) days from the repaired or replacement parts delivery by Preprint Technologies Limited.

1.3 Non-Warranty

Preprint Technologies Limited reserves the right to inspect products returned from its customers to determine the cause of the problem. Preprint Technologies Limited shall return defective products that could not be repaired at no-charge, except for shipping costs. This warranty does not cover expendable or consumable parts and product problems related to the following:

  • Products damaged during shipping due to insufficient or improper packaging.
  • Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, war, earthquake, snowstorm, etc.)
  • Damage caused by normal wear of parts, scratches, surface rust or deterioration, improper use, improper storage, improper testing, negligent use of improper voltage or current, accidental damage, abnormal or unusual use, use of unauthorized accessories or modules, use contrary to the operating instructions, improper operating temperature/environment, or lack of regular maintenance.
  • Product repaired, dismantled, or altered by unauthorized technical personnel.
  • Damage caused by computer viruses.
  • Removed warranty seals or serial number stickers which void our warranty.
  • SSD (solid state drive) reaching its maximum lifespan as indicated by warning messages on the system.

For hard disk drive, the following conditions void the product warranty:

  • Clear external damage to the disk drive
    1. Abnormal substances on the surface of the disk drive (e.g., adhesives, oil, etc.)
    2. Damage to the exterior casing
    3. Any dents on the exterior casing
    4. Missing parts (e.g., screws)
    5. Damage to the original vendor labels
    6. Damage to breather holes
  • The warranty is voided if there are labels, which do not belong to the original vendor, on any of the following locations:
    1. Breather holes and air vents
    2. Any location on the PCBA
    3. Serial number, part number
    4. On any location where these labels cover product information of the original vendor

1.4 Optional Extended Warranty

In addition to the periods set forth in the Regular Warranty, Preprint Technologies Limited offers an Optional Extended Warranty that extends the warranty period for the product an additional two (2) years. Customers may elect to purchase the Optional Extended Warranty at the time of sale or within the regular warranty period. For more detailed information, please contact your local representatives.

How to Return Material for Repair

2.1 Return Material for Repair

The customer requests a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by emailing Preprint Technologies Limited with a description of the problem and provide their order/invoice number and date of Purchase. The Unit Serial Number will be verified if provided at this step or once the item is received.

2.2 Preprint Technologies Limited issues an RMA number to the customer upon approval.

2.3 Once the customer receives the RMA number, a copy of the RMA form is packed together with the product and shipped to Preprint Technologies Limited, 42a Valley Road, Whakatane.

2.4 The defective products must be shipped to Preprint Technologies Limited within thirty (30) days from the issuance of the RMA. Shipping documents should be immediately sent to the Preprint Technologies Limited ‘s salesperson or sales assistant in charge of the customer’s account. Failure to ship within thirty (30) days automatically voids the RMA and another will need to be requested.

2.5 Returned items must be packed properly and safely, preferably in the original packaging. The RMA number should be marked clearly on the outside of the package. Preprint Technologies Limited is not responsible for any damage or loss during transportation due to improper packaging.

2.6 Preprint Technologies Limited strongly suggests that the customer first contacts Preprint Technologies Limited ‘s technical support or sales department for an initial analysis of possible causes and solutions for any encountered problems before returning product for repair.

Note: that customers shall bear the shipping costs (subject to Section 4 below) if no defects are found in the returned products.

Grounds for Refusing Returned Materials

If any of the following conditions exist, the returned products may be rejected by Preprint Technologies Limited ‘s RMA department and returned to the customer at the customer’s expense:

  • No RMA number was issued.
  • Late return of defective products.
  • Contents of the package do not match the RMA issued.
  • Returned products are missing components.
  • Failure to ship products according to the agreed method of shipping.
  • Failure to obtain customer’s approval for the repair charge of defective non-warranty product.

Repair Charges

Preprint Technologies Limited shall inform the customer of the repair cost in advance. Repair charges may be included with the customer’s next purchase order or paid separately. Customers should request the repair charge from salesperson or sales assistant in charge of their account.

Summary of Hardware Product Warranty Policy

                  Standard Warranty Out of Warranty Non-Warranty Optional Extended Warranty
Warranty Period 1-3 years Up to 2 years
Cost of Shipping Returned to PrePrint Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by customer
Returned to Customer Paid by Preprint Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by customer
Repair or Replacement Repair or replacement Repair or return Repair or return Repair or replacement

Restrictions on Use of Products

The products sold by Preprint Technologies Limited are solely designed for general commercial use and are not intended or authorized for use with application, including, without limitation, any medical, nuclear facilities, or direct life support machine, in which failure of the products would lead to death, bodily injury or catastrophic property damage.

Software Limited Warranty

7.1 Preprint Technologies Limited warrants that for a period of 30 days of delivery to customer

  • the media on which the software is furnished by Preprint Technologies Limited will be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use; and
  • the software substantially conforms to its published specifications.

7.2 Preprint Technologies Limited may offer technical support for the software it furnished by telephone, e-mail, facsimile, or the web, including

  • answering installation questions,
  • setting up and configuring software and options,
  • interpreting system error messages,
  • or isolating system problems.

but not including

  • diagnose user-generated program or source code,
  • installation the software with non-Preprint Technologies Limited products,
  • or system optimizations, customization, and network configuration,
  • if the hardware product used in conjunction with the software has been discontinued (EOL), the applicable support shall then end from the date of EOL.

For out of warranty products, please contact your local representative to check for availability and pricing.

7.3 While requesting technical support, customer shall provide the necessary information, as applicable, such as

  • product name and version,
  • model name and serial number,
  • error message,
  • and operating system.

7.4 Preprint Technologies Limited may make available new software updates and software upgrades upon the release of the product general availability date. Preprint Technologies Limited will provide access to these new software releases from the software download section of our website or via email.

7.5 To enable Preprint Technologies Limited to provide system support and operation, customer will be required to use the software only in certified compatible Preprint Technologies Limited product.

7.6 For hardware/software compatibility, and the update/upgrade code, please enquire your sales representative.

7.7 This software limited warranty extends only to the original licensee of the software. Except for the foregoing, the software is provided AS IS.

7.8 Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and the entire liability of Preprint Technologies Limited under this software limited warranty will be, at Preprint Technologies Limited ’s option, repair, or replacement. In no event does Preprint Technologies Limited warrant that the software is error free or that customer will be able to operate the software without problems or interruptions.

Further, this warranty does not apply if the software

  • has been altered, except by Preprint Technologies Limited or its authorized representative,
  • has not been installed, operated, repaired, or maintained in accordance with instructions supplied by Preprint Technologies Limited,
  • has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, or accident,
  • or is supplied, for beta, evaluation, testing or demonstration purposes.

Warranty Disclaimer

Except for the express warranty set forth herein, preprint technologies limited makes no other warranties or guarantees regarding the product, whether express, oral, implied, statutory, arising by operation of law, or as a result of usage of trade, course of dealing, or course of performance. Preprint technologies limited hereby expressly disclaims all implied warranties or warranties otherwise arising by operation of law, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the product and any other materials and services, and with respect to the use of any of the foregoing.

Preprint technologies limited will not be responsible for any data loss resulting from any of our products or services, either directly or indirectly, intentional or as an unintentional consequence of our products or services.

The remedies stated in this document constitute the customer’s exclusive remedies and preprint technologies limited’s sole liability for breach of the limited warranties set forth herein.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall preprint technologies limited ‘s total, cumulative liability arising from the sale, use and disposition of the product exceed the amount of actual direct damages, up to the charges (if recurring, 12 months’ charges apply) for the product that is the subject of the claim.

In no event shall preprint technologies limited  be liable to customer or any the other for any punitive, incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages, including loss of profits, incurred by that party, however caused and under any theory of liability, whether based in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence or product liability) or warranty, in connection with the sale, use and disposition of the product, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

Version Update

Preprint Technologies Limited reserves the right to make adjustments and/or changes to this warranty policy from time to time without notice.


Contact us with any questions concerning Preprint Technologies Limited’s warranty and repair policy.